Monday, August 25, 2008

What are the Benefits of Reiki

Practicing Reiki has a number of benefits. These are:

Deep relaxation : It relaxes your mind and body.

Dissolves tension : Once you are in a relaxed state of mind, tension (or blockages) on the physical and mental-emotional planes are dissolved.

Detoxifies: When the tension is released, flow of life energy becomes normal in all areas and waste products and toxins are quickly removed from your body.

Supplies universal life force energy : Once the body has been thoroughly detoxified it can receive, store and use more life energy, improving the functions of vital organs.

Increases the body frequency : When the body is vibrant with life energy, its frequency goes up and through it you come in contact with the Universal Spirit. This brings with it the realization that the universe is there to support you and brings with it a feeling of security, leading to a state of deep relaxation in which you can reach higher levels of experience.

Can Reiki cure chronic problems?

Yes, it can. People with chronic ailments feel immediate relief from pain even after one treatment. The feeling only improves with further treatments. Sometimes, though, you may experience a healing crisis during an extended course of treatment. Your symptoms may be amplified. But you should not worry because it is a sign that Reiki is releasing the remaining part of the disease by detoxifying your body. At this stage you should go in for extra treatments to speed up the process.

Can it cure acute problems too?

No. In fact, acute problems often produce more intense symptoms in the initial healing phase. This happens because Reiki sends powerful healing energy, that is the Universal Life Force Energy, that will often be experienced as an irritation rather than a comfort. But there is nothing to worry. As in the case of chronic problems, here also, you should realize that it is actually a good sign. You will feel a stronger sensation because a lot of healing energy is being drawn. The pain will usually subside within two to three days. It is important that you explain this fact to the person you are treating beforehand so that he/she is psychologically prepared for the initial pain.

What are the limitations of Reiki?

Recipient's lack of receptiveness: If a person consciously or unconsciously (which is mostly the case) does not want any contact with the Universal Life Force Energy, he or she cannot draw the Reiki energy through hands. It may arise from feelings of guilt or the belief of being too evil or too sinful. If you believe you deserve your illness, you won't come near anything that could heal you.

Channel could be limited initially: The person doing Reiki may not be strong enough in the beginning to convey the energy to the recipient. However, the channel gets stronger with time and practice.

Need regular sessions for a longer period : The contact with the Universal Life Force Energy needs to be maintained for the healing process to continue. So regular sessions of treatment become necessary.

Cannot give distance treatment: Since Reiki is based on the basic process of giving flow of energy through the hands, it is difficult to be performed from a distance.

Cannot treat serious illnesses: In case of life-threatening diseases or an emergency, the priority should be to delay death until the patient realizes his or her own divine spark. Conventional medical treatment can achieve this task. Once the person's life is saved, Reiki can help remove his or her guilt complexes that may have distanced the person from any healing possibilities so far.

In case of self-treatment, Reiki can help you only to a certain extent. You need to practice Reiki with a positive attitude and with an experienced teacher to be able to heal yourself. If you are facing serious problems with yourself or others, you should consult an experienced therapist. The same applies to physical disorders too. If you are seriously ill, it is best to consult a good doctor. If you try to cure yourself without knowing all possible variables you can cause greater harm than good.

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