Monday, August 25, 2008

How Can I Train in Reiki

Reiki has been divided into three stages or degrees. This helps the student to properly harmonize the empowerments or attunements (healing is passed through a series of mystic initiations). The student gains adequate experience and understanding of Reiki at each level before moving on to the next degree. The first and second degree are at the practitioner level. They cover every aspect you need to learn to become proficient in applying this ancient healing art. You need not boost yourself any further to empower yourself spiritually.

The First Degree aligns the student to the Reiki frequency through four attunements, which are normally given over a four-day period, They can also be given in a brief manner over two days. You will need two full days or four full evenings for taking the First Degree class, in which you will learn the hand positions and complete enough treatments to gain confidence. It will help you to experience a direct link with the Universal Life Force Energy so that you can channelize the energy to yourself and others. First Degree treatments should be practiced for at least three months before learning the Second Degree.

The Second Degree can be taught in 4 or 5 hours, but it is beneficial to take more time to increase the learner’s potential. At this level, treatments can be shared with others from a distance, but it is advisable to focus on healing personal wounds from the past. As old past hurts are healed, a new self-confidence emerges which helps to release protective ego-related patterns. At this level, your awareness is amplified to help you focus your attention so that you are able to address the root cause of disease. It is wise to practice the First Degree for a minimum period of three months. It will be better if you wait as long as six months and practice it consistently every day. After the First Degree, it takes the body 21 days just to assimilate the four attunements. In rare circumstances, the Second Degree can be given after 21 days, but it usually is not in the student’s best interest. In fact, those who wait a few years before learning the Second Degree tend to achieve more because of their expertise.

The Third Degree is only for people who want to teach Reiki. It is taught on an individual basis and only if you have a strong desire to become a Reiki teacher. At this level you learn one more symbol and receive the Third Degree attunement. You also learn how to convey the First and Second Degree attunements and how to properly organize and teach Reiki classes. Third Degree attunement takes about a year to complete and it empowers you to convey the attunements to others. It is taught only after a student has completed a minimum of three years of self-treatment along with hundreds of treatments on others, ideally in a clinical practice. The master-student relationship at the Third Degree level is a lifetime commitment for both parties. So this training should only be considered after a teacher and student have known each other by working together for at least one year. Then the teacher can act as a proper mirror for the student, because a bond of trust has been well- established.

Does Third Degree increase my power?

Much like the Second Degree, the Third Degree is more about fine tuning your life force energy and not about increasing your power. While the First and Second Degree empower you by putting you in direct touch with the Universal Life Force Energy, which you've always had, the Third Degree is about dropping your desire and need for power. If the Second Degree is used to its greatest advantage for several years, its benefits will be sufficient and empowerment through the Third Degree will not be important.

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