Monday, September 8, 2008

Reiki and Breathing Exercises

Did you know that Reiki actually originated many years ago in Tibet? However, it was then rediscovered by the Japanese who developed and propagated it further. Reiki is a very popular practice today because it doesn't involve any side effects or any harmful techniques and chemicals. It is based on the most natural and basic concept of cosmic energy. This is referred to as 'ki' in Japanese, 'chi' in Chinese, 'prana' in Hindi or 'bioenergy' in science. All that Reiki involves is the replenishing of this 'ki' and it's correction.

If you are a beginner to Reiki or want to have an idea before you enroll into a course then this is just the place for you. Here are some simple exercises that will help you stay fresh after a long day and help you eliminate all the stress in your daily life.

You can do this either sitting down or lying down, and practice it anywhere and everywhere be it the office or home.

Close your eyes and concentrate on your breath, how it flows in and out, then in and out again in and out and carry on.

Once you have established this rhythm you will start feeling a bit relaxed but at the same time you will be able to feel a few tension points in you body. Put your hands softly wherever you feel the tension. you will be able to know the points or places automatically, don't strain yourself much.

Once you have placed your hand at a specific spot imagine that your breath is energy. Now you are directing this energy towards your hands. Let it flow through your whole body and collect and expand in your hands. Relax at the same time. You will feel relaxation spreading in that specific part of your body. Next the relaxation will spread in your whole body through that area. Do this for about 5 minutes.

Now take your hands to another spot and repeat the same process. Breathe into your hands and feel the 'ki' flowing through the spot in your whole body. You might find your mind drifting towards past experiences and memories, don't get into them. However just let go of yourself and feel the flow inside your body.

Give the above step 5 minutes and then pick up 2 more places of tension, if you are not feeling any kind of physical strain and continue with the exercise. If you are feeling some strain, go to step 6.


Slowly open your eyes.
Stretch your whole body and breath deep.
Get back to your normal activities.

You will feel a new kind of relaxation pervade your mind and body and feel calmer and rejuvenated after doing this exercise.

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