Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Meditation: A Script to Use to Relax

It may seem strange, but many people do not know how to relax or what it actually means. Flopping in front of the television with a glass of whisky isn't it.

Relaxation is the art of having a relaxed body and a peaceful mind -- we are not after an empty mind but to just allow our thoughts to slow and become non-intrusive. Relaxation is something we can learn and become good at so we can achieve a deeply relaxed state very quickly.

When we practice active nothingness, the benefits can be astounding. Most notably is a feeling of calmness and inner well-being. Deep relaxation gives our immune system a boost, helps us to sleep better and facilitates quicker recovery if we do get ill. We can also use the time to make changes and/or use positive powerful affirmations. The script below can be used as it is or you can use it as a guide to create your own. If you are creating your own, use words that you associate with relaxation and use your imagination to create it.

You can memorize it, record it or have someone read it to you. Pause at the ellipses.

Make yourself comfortable with your arms and legs uncrossed … ensure that you are warm enough. Make sure that your head is supported.


Close your eyes and pay attention to your breathing for a few moments. Don't alter your breathing just notice -- be an observer. Think of a word that you associate with relaxation and silently say it in your mind as you breathe out.

Focus your attention on just you.

Imagine now, that your legs are relaxing from the knees down and each time you breathe out … you are feeling a wave of relaxation wash over you and through you.

All sounds that you hear apart from an emergency, remind your mind that you are relaxing. If you need to awaken, you may do so immediately. You will feel alert and refreshed. But, for now, just enjoy this peaceful, calm and restful experience.

Spend a few moments thinking about how you would know, what you would experience, what you would feel if your legs were more relaxed than they had ever been. Only you can experience your relaxation.

Imagine now, that your arms are relaxing from the elbows down. And, all the while your breathing is becoming slower and slower. Gentle, comfortable regular breathing. Continue to say your word each time you breathe out.

Spend a few moments thinking about how you would know, what you would experience, what you would feel if your arms were more relaxed than they had ever been. Only you can experience your relaxation.

Now, you can allow the relaxation in your lower arms and lower legs to spread and flow upwards … feel your arms and legs relax … completely.

You have no need to think of anything or nothing, but if you wish, you may think of everything.

The relaxation in your legs can now begin to flow gently up through your hips, pelvic area, tummy and chest.

The relaxation in your arms can spread out across your shoulders, and slowly, gently but very thoroughly down your back.

All that relaxation can now flow up, into your face, up the back of your head, all the way to the very top of your scalp.

And then, gently, like waves on the sand, calming peaceful relaxation can wash all the way back down your whole being.

Everything is slowing down. Every part of you is relaxing.

This is your time ... time just for you … to rest … and … relax.

Mentally scan your mind and body for any tensions or anxieties. If you come across any, imagine them soothing away and melting into nothingness.

Resting now. Feeling peaceful.

Imagine now, that you are standing at the top of some steps that are leading down towards a door.

We are now going to slowly carefully walk down the stairs counting from 1 to 10 as we go.

As we go down each step … with each number … feel yourself relaxing more and more deeply.

Lets begin … the first step … one … slowly, gently going down. Two … you can gently allow yourself to feel calm and peaceful.

Three … everything can relax more and more.
Four … experience slowing down.
Five … and, breathing out … tensions, worries, fears and anxieties.
Six … slowly, carefully, going down the steps … Relaxing even more.
Seven … think of your word that you associate with being calm and relaxed.
Eight … and say this word inwardly to yourself every time you breathe out.
Nine … continue to say your word. And every time you hear your word in your mind you relax even more deeply.
Ten … you can carry on resting, using your word and continuing to feel calmer and calmer.

Stand in front of the door at the bottom of the stairs. It is closed, but in a moment you can go through the door and find yourself in your special place.

Go through the door now and be in that special place.

This special place is the place that you are creating just for you. It is a place within you that you can be within. In this special place, all is well.

You can visit your special place whenever you choose to do so. Spend some time now having a look around. Make sure it is all exactly as you want it.

The following suggestions can go into your inner mind, repeating without your needing to think of them consciously.

All is well.
You are healthy, fit and strong in mind and body.
You can make any and all changes that you desire, on all levels of your being, because you have control of you.
You can release anything within you that is not serving a purpose.
You are free.

Add any positive thoughts of your own that you wish to put in to your mind for you to make any changes you desire. Be clear in your mind. Create specific images.

Imagine how you will feel and look. Imagine all the things you will experience when you have accomplished your goal/s. Have total belief that you can achieve everything you set out to achieve. Imagine now, that you are, 'there.'

It's good isn't it?

Enjoy the experience.

When you are ready, and only when you are ready, gently bring yourself to an 'awake' state by counting in your mind three, two, and one -- awaken.

If you would rather, you can 'tell' yourself that you are going off to sleep and that you will sleep soundly for the perfect amount of time that is right for you.

When you practice deep relaxation, your brain slows and is then predominantly in an alpha pattern. You have probably heard of the 'magic alpha'. In this state we are at our creative best, we heal, recover and our cells replenish and rejuvenate healthfully.

The more you do it, the easier it becomes and the more benefits you can enjoy.

Give yourself permission to do 'nothing' and enjoy.

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